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Meeting Date: 4/4/2018 - 4:00 PM
Category: Report on Contracts
Type: Info/Action
Subject: Frontline Technologies
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Summary: The purpose of the Frontline request is to provide is to support continued growth and development of faculty and staff. The feedback generated from a rigorous evaluation system helps to guide school wide and individual professional development, encourage collaborative learning environments, support school improvement and lead to improved student achievement. This is a renewal contract for one year only.

1. Provides educators with a platform and foundation that facilitates understanding and correlation between effective educator practice, professional development and growth leading to improved student learning
2. Provides opportunities for all educators to engage in authentic, differentiated, and targeted online professional development that supports the evaluation rubric, Common Core and PPSD framework for effective teaching
3. Provides aggregate data which schools may use to engage in school-based, school-wide, grade level and/or content focused professional learning
4. Supports the management of the evaluation of teachers professional practice, growth, responsibilities and student learning
5. Supports the management of the evaluation of building administrators professional practice, foundations and student learning
6. Supports the evaluators’ ability to understand the evaluation tool deeply, develop reliable and unbiased observer skills, and calibrate those skills regularly for continuous monitoring and support.
7. Streamline and customize evaluation process
8. Observe teaching systemically through walkthroughs and observations
9. Turn data into Action oriented Observation reports with feedback and longitudinal data
10. Ability to engage in online courses and professional communities.
In no more than three paragraphs, describe the accountability measures that will ensure that the vendor meets all requirements set forth in the contract and that the district is able to maintain a record of the quality of the services.
Every contract should include explicit language requiring vendor accountability, i.e. required program evaluation or the submission of a final report summarizing progress against each itemized deliverable.

Frontline will submit the following reports
1. Number of administrators and teachers trained
2. End user summary reports
3. Monthly usage reports
4. Number of successfully completed online PD Modules
5. Educator evaluation results
6. Final effectiveness results to district and RIDE
7. Total number of training hours facilitated
8. Weekly scheduled meetings to discuss problems challenges and workarounds
Recommendation: Administration recommends School Board passage to Full Board for approval.
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Jennifer Lepre - Chief of Human Capital
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Michael DAntuono - Business Manager
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Christopher N. Maher - Superintendent
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